Keeley Electronics unveil the Artist Series Celisse Artist Monterey fuzz pedal

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Keeley Electronics unveil the Artist Series Celisse Artist Monterey fuzz pedal

Words by Will Brewster

Decked out in a sweet psychedelic paint-job.

Boutique market mainstays Keeley Electronics have debuted the Celisse Artist Monterey, a limited edition fuzz pedal released as part of their Artist Series range.


  • Robert Keeley has partnered with Celisse Henderson to launch the limited edition Artist Series Monterey fuzz.
  • The Hendrix-inspired fuzz, rotary and wah pedal has been decked out with a psychedelic finish from Lia Sued C. and features an array of internal dipswitches to alter its tone.
  • The pedal is limited to 50 pieces worldwide, with all proceeds going to artists impacted by the pandemic.

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The new pedal marks the second entry into the Keeley Electronics Artist Series range, which launched last December with the Daniel Donato Cosmic Country Phaser.

Designed alongside modern blues guitar firebrand Celisse Henderson, the Celisse Artist Monterey puts a colourful twist on the tried and true Monterey Rotary Fuzz, with visual artist Lia Sued C. being recruited to give the pedal an eye-catching paisley paint-job to match its Hendrix-inspired sounds.

Combining the sounds of a warbling rotary speaker with a vintage-voiced silicon fuzz circuit, the Monterey plates up a wild array of psychedelic sounds, with each side of the pedal being engaged with its own footswitch and featuring isolated tone controls.

A toggle switch in the middle of the unit also flips the Monterey between Vibe and Wah modes, with the latter offering expression pedal functionality to operate as a conventional wah-wah pedal.

On top of the tones offered up by the pedal’s exterior controls, the Monterey also features an array of internal dipswitches, which allows for players to reverse the signal path of the pedal’s fuzz and modulation effects to create gnarly, harmonic-rich tones that border on ring modulation territory.

“When given the chance to bring my own personalized artwork to this pedal, I wanted something that not only represents how incredibly vibrant and colourful Jimi’s music is, but also speaks to what a joyful experience it is to play through this pedal,” Celisse Henderson said of the new pedal, noting that the collaboration was a natural progression in her working relationship with Keeley.

“Robert Keeley is the first brand ambassador who reached out to me on social media years ago to tell me he loved what I was doing. He is the first person who was willing to offer support to me as an artist, when I had very few notable credits to my name.

“It is an incredibly full circle moment to have this collaboration come to life, as I couldn’t think of a better company to do a piece of signature gear with. I hope this pedal brings you as much joy as it has brought me.”

Limited to only 5o pieces worldwide, the Artist Series Celisse Monterey is available to order now from the Keeley Electronics website, with all proceeds going towards musicians and artists impacted by the pandemic.

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