SSL introduce new UV EQ and SiX Channel 500-series modules

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SSL introduce new UV EQ and SiX Channel 500-series modules

Words by Will Brewster

Featuring a slick brushed steel finish.

Legendary UK audio firm Solid State Logic have expanded their 500-series of modules with two new offerings.

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The UV EQ and the SiX CH, which are both based on SSL’s previously released Fusion stereo analogue processor and SiX compact analogue mixer units, join the likes of the G-Comp Bus Compressor, E-EQ, E-Dynamics and VHD+ Pre modules.

Based on the minimum phase-shift of the SSL Fusion’s Violet EQ section, the UV EQ model offers a ‘musical and intuitive’ approach to mixing, with SSL stating that the unit is ‘designed to quickly dial in the sound of your mix, sub groups and individual instruments.’

While retaining most of the same features and functions to the original SSL Fusion, the UV EQ module does feature two extra dedicated mid-band controls, and also adds a Focus mode in to offer more precise mixes.

Likewise, the SiX CH is a single-strip channel with the same SuperAnalogue processing from the SSL SiX. There’s a microphone preamp, bass and treble EQ and a nifty single knob compressor, making it easier than ever to add that classic SSL sound into your own home rig.

Finally, SSL have also updated the VHD+ Pre module to include front and rear inputs, as well as four different impedance selections to enhance its versatility when used with different sound sources.

All 500-series modules are also now available in a sleek, brushed steel finish, making them look better than ever and suiting any kind of studio environment.


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Head to Solid State Logic to find out more about the 500-series modules today. For domestic enquiries, get in touch with Amber Technology.