Jerome Blazé unveils new single “Paddington 2”

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Jerome Blazé unveils new single “Paddington 2”

Jerome Blaze feature

There’s something particularly special when a producer releases their own music.

All that time spent working with others, refining their ideas with others and honing their craft. There’s ideas that are shaped, some are left on the shelf, while others make their way to the cutting room floor. Their own music is an amalgamation of all that skill and talent and then some, and Jerome Blazé’s new single “Paddington 2” is just that.

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Jerome has played the role of producer for artists like Nick Ward, Odette, Thandi Phoenix and Paul Mac, as well as having collaborated with a slew of talented musicians, including Grammy-nominated producer Andrei Eremin (Tash Sultana, G Flip, Matt Corby, Tones and I) having a hand in this new single. Having grown up in the Southern Highlands, Blazé learnt to produce, his music and lyrics conjuring the feelings of home, safe spaces and the fleeting euphoria of wonder, inspiration and those peaceful moments to reminisce and reflect.

“Paddington 2” refers more literally to the release of the Paddington 2 film in 2017, and the childlike wonder that the film brought to its viewers (of all ages, I might add). This speaks to the nostalgic arrangement, for lack of a better word, tender, heart-warming tonality of the song, settling in nicely alongside leading single “Waking Up”, harnessing a similar feeling, Blaze somehow crystallising these moments in time with his lyrics and songwriting.

“While writing it, I knew the chorus had to have more than just me singing on it – it felt too external to have only me singing. So I asked my friends to help me out. They’re some of the best vocalists I know, and each voice brought something new and surprising to the track.”

“Paddington 2” is the next single from the forthcoming DAWN double-A side release, following “Waking Up”. DAWN is Blazé’s first release since his acclaimed debut album Giver in 2022. The single “Paddington 2” is available to stream now, along with a video.

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