EVH announced Made in Japan “dive-bomb” certified Signature Wolfgang

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EVH announced Made in Japan “dive-bomb” certified Signature Wolfgang

EVH Wolfgang Signature

The Wolfgang from EVH is a tried and true design; it’s part high-performance shred machine, while still having the weight and body shape of some classic electric guitar designs.

Its roots run deep, much like the history of Japan producing uniquely comfortable and masterfully crafted guitars and basses. Today, these two worlds collide in the MIJ Series EVH Signature Wolfgang.

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Built to Eddie’s exacting specs, and handed off to the designers and builders of Japan, the MIJ Series EVH Signature Wolfgang features a classic basswood body, coupled with the less common big leaf maple top – a uniquely fine grain of maple. All of this is finished with five-ply binding and your choice of either Ivory or Stealth Black satin urethane finishes. The neck has a modern feel, thanks to the 12″-16″ compound radius ebony fingerboard, meaning the frets flatten out the higher up the neck you go— the vintage style-frets feel comfortable to Fender and EVH players and they’re stainless-steel, meaning they’ll stay feeling fresh and won’t need polishing or crowning no matter how much you wail on them. It’s only the best from EVH Japan.

Beneath the hood, the MIJ Series EVH Signature Wolfgang has all the options that EVH needed to the coax the wild tones he did from his guitars. In addition to the “dive bomb” certified EVH-branded top-mount Floyd Rose® bridge, the Signature Wolfgang has Alnico 2 EVH Wolfgang bridge pickup and Alnico 3 EVH Wolfgang in the neck (both ‘custom wound’), the volume pot EVH BI Tech HPU low friction pot with treble bleed circuit to counteract the subtle treble loss you get with normal volume pots (ew!) The humbuckers are direct mounted to the body for a clean aesthetic; while removing pickup rings that might get in your way toggling between them! The striking red button pictured below is a killswitch.

EVH Wolfgang Signature

The EVH arrives safely in a EVH Wolfgang hardshell case, with an EVH leather strap and dog leash strap/eye-bolt brass clasps to attach to the hook-style strap buttons— just like Eddie.

For more info, visit EVH.