Jean-Michel Jarre teams up with Renault for EV sonic experience

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Jean-Michel Jarre teams up with Renault for EV sonic experience

Words by Eli Duxson

Covering everything from entry sounds to speaker configurations, it’s an EV soundscape war with BMW

Legendary French composer Jean-Michel Jarre has joined forces with Renault to develop the sonic experience of the car manufacturer’s future electric models.

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Renault consistently ranks amongst the top three or four EV makers in the world and has put all their faith into Jarre to create their EV sonic scape, after announcing its Scénic Vision concept car this week.

His work covers everything from the welcome sound when the driver opens the door, the entire audio system down to its algorithms, speaker locations, and components, and even the sound the cars emit below 30km/h to warn pedestrians.

“It is a sustainable tech approach for the benefit of passengers and the on-board experience,” Renault said.

“It has an innovative audio system which features mid-bass speakers located in each door with ‘sound bubbles’ installed in each headrest. Passengers thus benefit from augmented, immersive, high-quality acoustics that are specific to each passenger.”

The move comes after BMW sought the services of Hans Zimmer to create unique sound profiles for its i4, iX, and i7 electric cars.

Renault also controls Nissan and Dacia who are much more green to the artificial sonic experience of EVs.

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