We Have Found Your Dream Job: Ormsby Guitars Are Hiring!

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We Have Found Your Dream Job: Ormsby Guitars Are Hiring!


This position is currently on offer to assist Ormsby and his team with QC and processing of their Korean line of guitars. The right applicant will be given opportunities to advance into new roles as time goes by, and their work ethic is proven. Ormsby Guitars do not consider this a part time job forever, it is just the start. The right person will advance into one of two directions: head of QC for their Korean line, or to be trained to build guitars by hand.


So who’s the right fit for the job? Ormsby Guitars are looking for somewone who has experience in:

  • Setting up instruments
  • Fret work
  • Making bone nuts


Having other knowledge in setups is desired, however further roles will be trained on the job. 


This position suits the following people:

  • Looking for part time work, 2-3 days per week
  • Some woodwork experience. (not essential, but preferred)
  • You’ll have an eye for detail
  • You can work without someone holding your hand


If you’re interested, or want more details on the job, head to ormsbyguitars.com/employment.