Mixdown Presents: Collarts ‘Isolate and Innovate’ Video Series

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Mixdown Presents: Collarts ‘Isolate and Innovate’ Video Series

One area which has proved particularly productive for cutting-edge development is in the field of remote learning, with Melbourne’s own Collarts emerging as a world leader in remote solutions for the audio education sector.


Through the implementation of advanced hardware control protocol, high definition audio/video streaming and some trusty Australian ingenuity (not to mention some heady use of binaural summing for Atmos), Collarts have managed to faithfully recreate their campus experience for the digital realm, successfully navigating the ‘New Normal’ and opening up the prospect of a Collarts audio education to students all over the world. 


On a technical level, what Collarts have been able to achieve in this relatively short time-span is sure to blow some minds, serving as a perfect case study into the kinds of possibilities afforded to us, in what is undoubtedly a golden age for digital audio/audio over IP.  


It’s with this is mind that Mixdown are excited to bring to you the ‘Isolate and Innovate’ content series, premiering across our website over the coming weeks.


‘Isolate and Innovate’ is an exclusive nine-part video/interview series, documenting the kind of technical innovations that have been borne out of the lockdown period, as seen through the context of one of Australia’s finest audio institutions, Collarts. 


Featuring interviews from the faculty and technical department – as well as industry heavyweights like Avid and Dolby International – ‘Isolate and Innovate’ is a deep look into the kind of skill-sets and experiences these courses provide, and how Collarts and their partners have managed to transcend geographical limitations to recreate these experiences for the home.


Keep an eye out for Part 1: ‘Using Audio Engineering Gear From Home’, dropping on Tuesday September 16 here at Mixdown Magazine. Find out more about Collarts through their website.