IK Multimedia have released the TONEX Pedal

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IK Multimedia have released the TONEX Pedal

Words by Mixdown Staff

Play a Mesa Boogie F50, a Peavey 5150, a Fender Twin, ENGL Invader, Orange AD200 or even a Dumble Overdrive Special anytime, anywhere, with the Amplitube Tonex Pedal.

What you need to know:

  • IK Multimedia have announced the release of their TONEX Pedal.
  • The pedal’s AI Machine Modeled Tone allows you to emulate “any rig on earth”.
  • The TONEX pedal is suitable for both guitar and bass.

IK Multimedia have just announced the launch of their TONEX Pedal, an ultimate amp and distortion stompbox pedal that utilises IK’s breakthrough AI Machine Modeling technology. ‘AIMM’ allows users to play with hundreds of included Tone Model rigs, their own custom generations, or an unlimited number of user-captured models from the IK ToneNET community. You can even use the same exact Tone Models in the studio with the AmpliTube TONEX plug-in.

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With the TONEX Pedal, you can model any rig you want using the companion software TONEX Machine Modeler, capable of capturing the behaviour of distortion/overdrive/fuzz/boost/compressor/eq pedals, amps and cabs or everything together as a Tone Model to load and play both in your TONEX Pedal or in the AmpliTube TONEX plug-in.

TONEX Pedal also allows you to sculpt your presets with additional DSP processors such as noise gate, compressor, tone EQ and reverb and swap the cab in the captured Tone Model rig with any third party IR you want or use the advanced included VIR technology module which features a double customisable microphone placement.

For more information, head to IK Multimedia.