Highly anticipated Behringer RD-9 now shipping after pandemic halt

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Highly anticipated Behringer RD-9 now shipping after pandemic halt

Words by Eli Duxson

Emulating that classic 909 sound just got a step closer.

Behringer has announced their long-awaited RD-9 Rhythm Designer is finally shipping via a Facebook post. This Roland TR-909 look-alike was supposed to start shipping in 2021’s first quarter but was delayed due to the pandemic disrupting global supply chains.

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While the audio equipment company has apologised for the delay, they have asked for patience as it will take time fill the large number of backorders they have on hand.

The re-introduction of the product contains new features that distinguishes it from the original 909 such as the new ‘enhanced’ mode allowing users to control the pitch, and pitch depth of the bass drum, as well as adding tuning controls for the hi-hat.

For those keen on using the RD-9 as a modernised version of the Roland 909 without these tuning features, ‘authentic’ mode can be used to bypass them entirely while maintaining tech features and connectivity added by Behringer.

It promises to accurately emulate the iconic 909 which the likes of Daft Punk and Mr. Fingers made popular through the 80s 90s and beyond. With Behringer’s track record of affordability, it looks like everyone will be able to implement this classic sound into their setup.

While price, arrival and pre-order dates are yet to be made official, it is expected to be priced similar to the RD-8 released early last year The company has stated that it is “priced to suit people’s pockets, without being pocket-sized”.

Take a look at the RD-9 in action below.

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