Gibson Garage London will open in late February

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Gibson Garage London will open in late February

Gibson Garage Nashville
Gibson Garage Nashville
Words by Mixdown staff

Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic and leading instrument brand, today announced appointments of Etaoin Fagan (General Manager), Andy Wratten (Assistant Manager-Operations), and Sam Gammon (Assistant Manager-Sales) to the team at the Gibson Garage London, reporting to Cesar Gueikian, President, and CEO of Gibson Brands.

Over its 130-year music history, Gibson has shaped sound across generations and genres of music, becoming one of the most relevant, played, and loved guitar brands around the world. Gibson is proud to announce it will officially open the Gibson Garage London. The first-ever Gibson flagship store outside of the U.S., the venture follows the wildly successful opening of the  Nashville store, which offers the ultimate guitar experience and destination for music lovers across the globe.

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Opening in late February 2024, and located in Historic London just off Oxford Street, the Gibson Garage London will feature 4,500 square feet of retail space. Inside the London Garage, visitors can plug-in and play more than 300 electric and acoustic guitars from Gibson Custom Shop to Epiphone and Kramer, as well as Maestro pedals, and more. Expect an announcement this week regarding the official opening of the new store and follow the Garage on Instagram at: @GibsonGuitarUK.

“The Gibson Garage London is fast becoming a reality and with Etaoin, Sam and Andy at the helm it safe to say that it couldn’t be in better hands,” says Lee Bartram, Head of Commercial, Marketing and Cultural Influence EMEA at Gibson Brands. “We look forward to this journey and we have a great team bringing the Gibson Garage London to life.”

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