Gauge ECM-47 Stealth Multi-Pattern Tube microphone now available

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Gauge ECM-47 Stealth Multi-Pattern Tube microphone now available

Gauge ECM-47
Words by Mixdown staff

Gauge's ECM-47 is in good company with the ECM-87 virtual mic locker kit, and ECM-80.

The Gauge ECM-47 takes its cues from one of the most famous mics in history. The Neumann U47 is one of the most well known, as well as well-loved, used and revered, studio microphones in existence. A tube condenser, the 47 is versatile, reasonably robust, accurately representing character and tone of a source while adding some harmonic grit and saturation without noticeably distorting.

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Original U47s are out of reach of most engineers, studios and producers, and even Neumann own re-issues still come at a rapidly inflating cost.

For this reason, Gauge microphones offer the ECM-47, their “Stealth Multi-Pattern Tube” condenser. The ECM-47 is a multi-pattern mic, meaning you can tailor the pattern of the microphone via the external power supply. The internal tube offers the grit of the original, the subtle saturation from the tube offering depth and space as audio passes through it. The ECM-47 comes with a briefcase and shock mount to protect it, all the while retaining audio quality. It offers a full frequency response, though has a warmth and presence to it, the source it’s pointed at appearing crystallised in audio, having space around it and a depth to its sound.

The ECM-47 is in good company with Gauge’s ECM-87, an 87-style clone with a virtual mic locker kit, as well as their ECM-80 dynamic microphone.

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