Erica Synths unleash PĒRKONS HD-01 drum machine and synth

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Erica Synths unleash PĒRKONS HD-01 drum machine and synth

Words by Sam McNiece

An interesting synth and drum machine hybrid instrument.

Ever inventing and innovating, Erica Synths have come back to the fold with another interesting synth to sink your teeth into. The PĒRKONS HD-01 is somewhat of a hybrid between a synth and drum machine with analog filters and effects for a complete package.

What you need to know:

  • Erica Synths have announced the PĒRKONS HD-01 synth/drum machine combo.
  • The interesting combo has four individual synth voices with eight parameters each with a dedicated 16 step sequencer for each voice.
  • There’s individual sends, returns and outputs for each synth module with complete MIDI compatibility available.

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With four sonically versatile voices, each voice on the PĒRKONS HD-01 features three sound engine modes, a filter, tuning, an FX send, drive controls plus two mode specific parameters.

Sequencing on this new Erica Synths device is much like operating a drum machine, with each synth voice having a 16-step sequencer to program with. There’s four time divisions and time multiplications available with per-step ratchets and probablilites.

Inbuilt is a bucket brigade device (BBD) analog delay with variable feedback for achieving classic delay tones. Alongside this, an analog optical compressor is here, which is sure to crunch up your sounds in no time. There’s master LFO modulation settings to use with your synth tones including morphing waveforms, phase shift and 8 destinations.

All voice parameters can be saved as KITS, which can be saved in one of 64 slots with 64 pattern memories and more through the available SD slot. PĒRKONS HD-01 can send MIDI in and out, so the four programmable sequencers can be used as a live performance tool for analog gear or you can sequence the device externally.

Erica Synths says about this new hybrid device: “PĒRKONS HD-01 is a unique live performance and sound design instrument that tears down the borders between drum machine, synthesizer and drone instrument. Time to ride the skies!”

Sounds sweet. Check out this video below with a quick walkthrough of the new instrument.

Head to Erica Synths for more information.