AKG’s Ara is a versatile condenser microphone with multiple polar patterns

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AKG’s Ara is a versatile condenser microphone with multiple polar patterns

akg ara microphone podcasting example
Words by Sam McNiece

For recording yourself and a guest.

Within the now densely populated space of microphones designed for the spoken word, here comes AKG, with an affordable USB condenser, Ara. This microphone is capable of transmitting audio at studio quality rates and can be used in two different polar patterns.

What you need to know:

  • AKG have released a new microphone Ara, intended for podcasting and vocal use.
  • Ara allows studio quality 24bit/96kHz audio capture via USB connectivity with 120dB SPL of dynamic range.
  • The microphone features switchable polar patterns between cardioid and omnidirectional which can be used to pickup multiple voices simultaneously.

Read all the latest product news here.

Ara is a studio quality USB condenser microphone which runs at 24bit/96kHz, features a mute switch, two polar patterns, a latency free headphone jack with volume control and a master volume control. This mic is pretty feature-laden for its price point.

Utilising the polar patterns on Ara, you could use it as a microphone for a streaming setup in ‘Front’ (cardioid) mode, rejecting the sounds from your keyboard or as ‘Front and Back’ (omni) mode, to capture vocals from you and a person sitting opposite you—for a podcast for example. Ara’s capabilities are quite versatile for its price point.

“What’s really great about Ara is that it can accomplish so many goals for a variety of users. It’s perfect for elevating interviews and video blogs with its crystal-clear sonic quality and sleek looks,” says Chris Hansen, Director of Recording and Broadcast, HARMAN Professional Solutions.

“But it’s also great for gamers who really get to step up their in-game vocal delivery with a mic that sounds phenomenal. And Ara’s selectable patterns and the ability to handle up to 120 dB max SPL give musicians plenty of headroom to record everyone in the band. The best part is that Ara is plug-and-play simple, thanks to USB connectivity and class-compliant drivers.”

The microphone seems to do it all for the price point, and if it’s anything like other AKG microphones, it’ll sound great too.

Check out this video below going through Ara’s features and how to use it.

Head to AKG for more information on this microphone and for local enquiries get in touch with CMI.