Drawmer launch 1977 channel strip

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Drawmer launch 1977 channel strip

Drawmer 1977

Drawmer are scattered throughout all the biggest studios in the world.

From their basic gates to more comprehensive vacuum tube compressors and professional monitor controllers, Drawmer produce workhorse pieces for professionals chasing a refined and balanced sound in their recordings and mixes.

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Joining a growing range of 70s Series gear, Drawmer have announced the 1977 channel strip, which is currently in production and already arriving with some dealers. Joining the 1970 Dual FET compressor and 1972 Dual Preamplifier, the Drawmer 1977 Channel Strip is a preamp, EQ and compressor built to the highest order.

Beginning at the preamp stage, the Drawmer 1977 Channel strip has a stepped gain control, polarity switch and a high pass filter that’s adjustable between 16Hz and 130Hz. Switchable between Hi-Z, Line or Mic (with switchable ohms depending on your mic), the 1977 also has an instrument and thru jack for the 1977 to act as a DI. Before moving onto the EQ and compressor, it’s important to mention that you can toggle the order of these next two pieces depending on your preference. The EQ is simple enough, effectively being a three-band EQ with cut/boost controls and a selectable frequency. The compressor is reasonably self explanatory as well, besides having ‘Big and ‘Air’ modes that help preserve the lows or highs respectively with a sidechain. A built in Mix control allows you to blend the compression in and out, for parallel compression all within the one box.

More info, visit Drawmer.