DMA’s take out #1 spot in Triple J’s Like A Version Hottest 100

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DMA’s take out #1 spot in Triple J’s Like A Version Hottest 100

DMA's feature

Like A Version is some of Triple J’s most popular content, with artists paying homage to their influences with a cover live in the studio every Friday.

Having been a staple of the rotation for sometime, the inaugural Hottest 100 Of Like A Version were named, before DMA’s took out the top spot with their cover of Cher’s “Believe” from 2016.

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DMA’s are a three-piece rock band from Eora. Johnny Took, Matthew Mason and Tommy O’Dell make up the band, melding rock, pop and a list of other influences into their own unique sound. While “Believe” was sonically fitting for the band, DMA’s still managed to put their own spin on the song. The pounding club beats and synthesised sound of the original gave way to a pair of acoustic guitars in the DMA’s cover, while Tommy’s vocal was intimate, reverberant and forward, giving the song push and pull.

The guitars, with spacious leads from Matthew Mason, completed the arrangement, pushing the music in and out of of focus to make way for the lead vocal. Believe has been a staple of the band’s set before and after they performed it on that Friday morning in 2016, and after their success in this poll, it’ll surely continue.

The Hottest 100 Of Like A Version is sure to set a new standard, Like A Version itself starting in 2004 and racking up over 800 covers since then.

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