Clean up your studio setup with Zaor Miza Flex and Combodesk solutions

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Clean up your studio setup with Zaor Miza Flex and Combodesk solutions

Words by Sam McNiece

Ergonomic and professional desks for creatives.

Zaor are creators of functional and stylish desks for music producers, record producers, engineers and creatives alike. Their Miza Flex and Combodesk lines are some of the more affordable and gear enthusiast designed desks around.

What you need to know:

  • Zaor and Combodesk offer comfortable and affordable workstations for musicians, sound engineers and creatives alike.
  • The Miza Flex line is solutions for professionals looking for an all in one desk setup which features rack unit slots, tiered ergonomic shelves and height-adjustable keyboard trays.
  • Combodesks are a streamlined approach to desk design, featuring a few rack units, sleek 3 tiered construction and provide an understated professional look.

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The new Miza Flex range, released this year is one of their best yet. It features a height adjustable pull out tray, capable of over 20kg of pressure, perfect for keyboards or drum machines you want right at your fingertips but not all the time. There’s cable passages designed into the desks to keep everything looking neat and professional.

The M, Z and Junior Flex are designed for audio and media creators working in the digital domain with small amounts of gear, looking for a professional and neat desk with maximum real estate.

For those who possess more gear there’s the 88, 88XL and X2 Flex designs, which Zaor describe as “cockpits for the modern studio”. These feature an additional level to elevate speakers to the optimum height for listening with rack unit spaces on either side of the desk. The X2 even has isolating speaker stands built in, for a gorgeous looking professional audio workspace.

Their Combodesk line is well, a combination of the two. It features the stripped back design of the M, Z and Junior Flex designs with a few spaces for rack unit gear at your fingertips, suitable for smaller scale mixing and mastering studios.

All of these desks are available now and you can check out this video below detailing how easy they are to assemble.

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