Announced: Fieldworks Volume 1 field recording sample pack

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Announced: Fieldworks Volume 1 field recording sample pack

Words by Mixdown staff

Need some inspo for your music?

Looking to think outside the box a little, while keeping your production inside the box? Sonora Cinematic have launched their Fieldworks Volume 1 pack, a royalty-free sample library of foley, field recordings, found sounds and movie-style sound design, intended to inspire something entirely unique.

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Moving beyond standard recording microphones, Fieldworks Volume 1 feature sounds recorded by hydrophones and geophones to really capture the essence of submerged sounds or earth rumbling respectively. Fieldworks joins Sonora Cinematic’s Harmonic Bloom, their Kontakt-based plugin for sound design.

Volume 1 of Fieldworls is all recorded at 192 kHz and 32 bit floating, and both 192kHz/24 bit and 48kHz/24 bit WAV files so the sounds and samples can be stretched and manipulated to suit your needs. It works without Harmonic Bloom, however the drag-and-drop style workflow makes designs and adjusting sounds easy. Once a sample is loaded, you can layer, modulate, effect and route the sounds to create something entirely new, all within a single instance of the plugin. Harmonic Bloom also sees an update with the release of Fieldworks.

Fingers crossed we’ll be seeing a Volume 2 and more in the future!

Fieldworks Volume 1 is available now from Sonora Cinematic.