Behringer release multi-engine Eurorack synth module BRAINS

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Behringer release multi-engine Eurorack synth module BRAINS

(Source: Behringer)
Words by Sam McNiece

With 20 unique sound engines to choose from.

After teasing an ambiguous video a few days ago, Behringer have released BRAINS, a multi-engine oscillator Eurorack module with 20 synth engines and an oscilloscope.

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Taking design cues from Mutable Instruments’ Plaits, BRAINS is a flexible and functional Eurorack synth module. It features four knobs to change timbre, harmonics, frequency and depth, and two buttons for selecting the synth Bank and Model.

With it’s 20 modes, there are 10 for creating pitched notes, with standouts being the Additive, Karplus Strong and Supersaw modes. The other 10 are percussive and noise based, with modes including Rain, Dust, Modal Strings and a few FM drum engines.

As is standard with Eurorack modules, BRAINS needs something to trigger it, and a mixer to send its output to. You can trigger all of the knobs and more with 3.5mm input jacks, allowing for a vast range of results. For example, you could add an LFO to the Morph parameter to create a continuously moving sound patch.

The OLED Oscilloscope that adorns the top of this device is a cool way to see what you’re playing. In this age, people are used to getting strong visual feedback from synths and music making in general, and this allows just that.

Interestingly, Behringer have added a USB port on top of the device for future firmware updates.

Check out a demo of the sounds this machine can make below.

Behringer BRAINS is out now and for local enquiries visit Australis Music Group.