Apogee announce Duet 3; their stylish new portable audio interface

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Apogee announce Duet 3; their stylish new portable audio interface

Words by Sam McNiece

Apogee changed the game in 2007 with the release of the Duet. 14 years later, the portable audio interface market has huge competition, with it seems almost every brand releasing one. Building upon their past work in digital audio recording, Apogee have announced the Duet 3, a sleek, small footprint audio interface that packs a punch.

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Use of a breakout cable allows the Duet 3 to be low profile and functional. Made from a combination of aluminium and glass, this interface can be used as a 4 in/2 out device or as a high quality audio listening device via the headphone jack. Using the 2 mic inputs, the high-quality preamps allow for 60dB of gain, suitable for basically all applications.

On-board DSP (Digital Signal Processing), allows for zero latency processing of input signals and the Duet 3 can be used with Symphony ECS Channel Strip, tuned by Bob Clearmountain. This combination EQ, compressor and saturator can be applied to your input signals to record like you’re recording the audio through a real channel strip, at zero latency.

The Apogee Duet 3 is a bus powered device, but can also be powered by the second USB-C port. This is great for stability as most small-form audio interfaces don’t offer the option to power them separately.

For those who love the look of the Duet 3, but don’t particularly like the break-out cables, there’s an option for you too. Sold separately, the Duet Dock slots right into the Duet 3, allowing for a more traditional audio interface design.

As this interface is designed for portability, the Duet 3 comes with a travel case and both USB-C and USB-A cables for accessibility.

The Apogee Duet 3 will be available mid July, for local enquiries contact Link Audio.