Watch: Pink Oyster Mushroom performs modular synth serenade using science

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Watch: Pink Oyster Mushroom performs modular synth serenade using science

Words by Will Brewster

All thanks to some nifty bio-data sonification.

To the average musician, playing a modular synth seems like rocket science: the sheer amount of patch-points, knobs and cabling required to create sounds makes it more akin to advanced mathematics than music.

However, as YouTuber MycoLyco has proven, modular synthesis isn’t actually as difficult as it seems, with a new video demonstrating that even a simple Pink Oyster Mushroom can master the art of Eurorack.

The video, which you can see below, sees MycoLyco patch a flush of mushrooms to their modular rig using an elaborate setup based around bio-data sonification, passing a current through the mushrooms to measure changes in electrical resistance.

These changes are then converted in control signals to modulate the modular synthesiser’s pitch, timbre, rhythm and effects parameters, creating a warbling symphony of synths in what might just be our favourite YouTube video released this year.

Watch the video in full below. MycoLyco has uploaded a number of other Pink Oyster Mushroom  synth videos (in stereo, nonetheless) on their own channel, so make sure to like and subscribe for more modular mushroom madness – it’s the content you’ve always deserved.

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