Baby Audio’s Smooth Operator plug-in helps you breathe new life into your tracks

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Baby Audio’s Smooth Operator plug-in helps you breathe new life into your tracks

Words by Will Brewster

Another sublime offering from the exciting musical software developers.

Following on from highlight launches such as the Comeback Kid Delay, Super VHS and I Heart NY Parallel Compressor, Californian plug-in developers have unleashed the latest offering in their musical software suite in the form of the Smooth Operator spectral processor.

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Dubbed by the company as an ‘intelligent signal balancer’, Smooth Operator functions as a spectral processor to breathe new life into the dead frequencies of your audio tracks, utilising Fast Fourier transform (FFT) to break down audio particles and process them individually before uniting them again.

It utilises a sophisticated algorithm to automatically detect dull frequencies and brings them to the forefront with the assistance of EQ, compression and resonance suppression, making all the adjustments needed to take your stems up a notch.

While Smooth Operator may look like an EQ and shares a similar function to other spectral processors to tools such as IZotope’s Ozone, Baby Audio stress that the plug-in shouldn’t just be seen as another audio utility, but as a creative tool for tone shaping.

Users can adjust the plug-in curve after it’s done its processing magic to adjust the balance of the output and carve out select frequencies for emphasis, while a side-chain mode lets you duck the signal in relation to another track’s frequency balance, unlocking a whole new realm of creative possibilities.

Additionally, Baby Audio have enlisted the services of an assortment of keynote audio engineers like Preston Reid and Rob Kleiner to contribute no less than 63 presets to Smooth Operator, while the plug-in’s graphic interface features three interchangeable colours.

All-in-all, it looks like the Smooth Operator is yet another hit for the Baby Audio team, and with an introductory price of only $39 USD, there’s no reason not to add it to your toolkit today.

Check out Smooth Operator in greater detail over at the Baby Audio website.