Baby Audio Taip: An AI powered tape saturation plugin

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Baby Audio Taip: An AI powered tape saturation plugin

baby audio taip tape saturation plugin
Words by Sam McNiece

Putting the AI in TAIP.

Building on their range of intelligent mixing tools, Baby Audio is back with a tape saturation plugin that is very versatile. Using AI neural networks, they have tracked the impact of tape machines on audio signals and created a plugin that serves to emulate the true warmth and behaviour of analog tape.

What you need to know:

  • Baby Audio have released TAIP, a tape saturation plugin that utilises AI-powered algorithm.
  • The plugin features in-built compression, limiting and other tape related parameters including noise and wear.
  • TAIP features presets designed by industry leading engineers including Max Jaeger and Mark Needham.

Read all the latest product news here.

Capable of producing anything from subtle saturation to full on blasted distortion, TAIP is a flexible tape emulator. The plugin has a range of parameters to adjust the sound to your taste, even allowing you to change the bias. This is achieved by the hi/lo-shape sliders, allowing for a cleaner or more distorted sound on either end of the frequency spectrum.

Drive, which is one of the essential features allows you to go into negative values for adding the slightest hint of saturation. You can then pair this with noise and wear to add tape characteristics to your audio signal without necessarily reducing the dynamic range.

For more over the top saturation, there’s a ‘hot’ selector which increases the input signal drastically while Dual control will chain two instances of TAIP under the hood, applying half the amount of drive to each.

Presence allows you to add more top end to the signal which is generally diminished by tape due to its ‘warm’ sound characteristics and you can dry/wet the whole effect via the mix parameter. Baby Audio have also included an auto gain function for matching the input level to the output.

There’s even a compression type effect through the glue slider and a brick wall limiter on the output, just in case there wasn’t enough saturation/distortion options already.

Baby Audio’s TAIP is available on Windows and Mac OS, is compatible with a large swathe of DAWs and is currently on sale for US$39 (RRP US$69).

Check out the tutorial below for an overview of the plugin and to see it in action.

Head to Baby Audio for more information on the TAIP plugin and check out our review here.