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Get a free masterclass with Grammy-Winning mixer, Jesse Ray Ernster

Jesse Ray Ernster Mixland
Words by Mixdown staff

Learn essential mixing techniques, problem-solving strategies, and client communication skills - all applicable to various genres and situations.

Experience a day in the life of Grammy Award-Winning mixer Jesse Ray Ernster (Doja Cat, Burna Boy, Megan Thee Stallion) in a new video series as he tackles two vastly different projects! Witness the contrasting approaches used for a polished female-led pop song and a raw, UK-based rap record.

Jesse Ray Ernster

An All-New Mixing Course, with a fresh approach:

This masterclass is focused on real-world challenges. No perfect stems or million dollar setups here – just great songs, practical skills and a passion for excellence.

Watch Jesse as he tackles these common challenges:

  • Competing with reference mixes
  • Achieving Competitive Loudness that retains Compelling Dynamics
  • Working with bedroom recordings
  • Getting pro results with limited gear

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Mix 1: Indie Pop Perfection (“if you still like me in the morning” – Tessa Rae)

  • Meet Jesse and the project
  • Client call & project overview
  • ‘Mixing refinement (All In-the-box Workflow)
  • No Stone Left Unturned: Experimentation leads to Discovery
  • Bouncing/Delivering the “first pass”

Mix 2: Rap Mastery (“I Made It” – Docta Bionix)

  • Introducing the second project: Gritty drill beat & rap vocals
  • Client call & Strategy
  • Great edits = Great Mixes! Achieving cohesion with Kick/808 Relationship
  • Heavy Lifting: Mixing for maximum impact & energy
  • Bouncing/Delivering the “first pass”
  • Conclude the day’s work, celebrate and reflect

Day 2: Refining, Client Feedback, Mix Notes, and Final Delivery

  • Reviewing client feedback/notes & making tweaks
  • Finalising both mixes & preparing deliverables

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