Avid Expands Pro Tools Workflow to Meet Demands of Modern Music Creators with Pro Tools Sketch

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Avid Expands Pro Tools Workflow to Meet Demands of Modern Music Creators with Pro Tools Sketch

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Words by Mixdown staff

Pro Tools Sketch for Desktop and iPad enables musicians to quickly capture new ideas and experiment with arrangements anywhere.

AVID have introduced a groundbreaking tool – Pro Tools Sketch, which is now a part of the Pro Tools software suite. Additionally, it’s available as a free iPad app. Pro Tools Sketch is designed to cater to modern musicians, offering a non-linear, clip-based creative platform within Pro Tools. This innovative tool allows musicians to quickly capture ideas, experiment freely with concepts, and explore inspiration through an extensive library of loops, virtual instruments, and effects.

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Pro Tools Sketch, developed over several years, seamlessly integrates into the Pro Tools workflow, providing a non-linear creative environment alongside the established linear audio recording capabilities. It empowers users to work with clip-based sketches, incorporating loops, MIDI, and recordings that can be easily organised and played. These sketches can then be exported and shared. Moreover, they can seamlessly transition to the Pro Tools timeline for more advanced production using its renowned editing and mixing tools. The flexibility of moving sketches between a computer and an iPad ensures that creativity can flow wherever inspiration strikes.

Pro Tools Sketch offers 16 tracks, virtually limitless scenes, and over 1 GB of loops and onboard effects, making it suitable for various music genres. Users can audition loops in the Browser, drag them into the launcher for manipulation, and record and edit audio and MIDI alongside loops for creating linear song arrangements. Whether you’re an experienced Pro Tools user or new to the platform, Sketch provides a versatile space for experimentation and creative expression.

In addition to Pro Tools Sketch, the Pro Tools 2023.9 update introduces several other features, including “Export Selected Range,” which allows Pro Tools Studio and Ultimate users to export specific portions of their timeline as a new session, facilitating easier session management. Furthermore, the update enables drag-and-drop plugin slot reordering, providing greater flexibility in adjusting processing order.

The Pro Tools Sketch iPad app is available for free via the Apple App Store, while the Pro Tools 2023.9 software release is accessible to Pro Tools customers with an active subscription or perpetual license with a current Software Updates + Support Plan, as well as users of the free Pro Tools Intro application.

This innovation aligns with Avid’s mission to empower content creators across various media and disciplines, from movies and TV shows to music and more. Avid continues to redefine creative possibilities through its award-winning technology solutions.

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