Austrian Audio’s OC707 and OD505 are studio microphones for the stage

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Austrian Audio’s OC707 and OD505 are studio microphones for the stage

Words by Sam McNiece

With new Open Acoustics Technology.

Relatively new company, Austrian Audio has released two new microphones dedicated to live sound use. The dynamic OD505 and condenser OC707 microphones utilise Austrian Audio’s specialised Open Acoustics Technology which promises sound will enter the microphone capsule virtually unimpeded on all sides.

What you need to know:

  • Austrian Audio have released two new microphones, the OD 505 and OC 707.
  • The dynamic and condenser mic respectively deliver pristine sound and contain a handy 120Hz high pass filter.
  • Both microphones are designed for live sound use and feature their Open Acoustics Technology promising unimpeded sound entry.

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It often seems that live sound microphones are basically designated to be Shure 58’s and 57’s because of their track record in the field, especially regarding their indestructible qualities. Well, here comes Austrian Audio, bringing new technology to the fold and vying for the ‘go to’ live sound vocal microphone.

Let’s start with the OC707, which is a small diaphragm condenser microphone. It has a frequency response which is tailored to the human voice and includes a high pass filter to get rid of some of that unwanted low mud before it hits the mixing console. The OC707 boasts low self-noise and a high sound pressure level, allowing for a large dynamic range.

Next up is their OD505, which is a dual capsule dynamic microphone. Wait, dual capsule did you say? Yep, this microphone utilises two capsules where the bottom one is phase inverted and passively switched, which achieves a higher sensitivity than standard dynamic microphones. Very cool.

Both mics feature Austrian Audio’s Open Acoustics Technology which their website says, “allows sound to enter the capsule almost entirely unimpeded from all sides.” They’ve reduced the contact points from the mounted capsule to the enclosure to open up the sound from colouration. Along with this, the microphones are cardioid and supercardioid polar patterns which allow for off-axis rejection and suppression of feedback.

Both these microphones are available now, check out the intro video below to the OC707 condenser.

Head to Austrian Audio for more information on these microphones.