K-Mix Blue adds Ableton 11 integration and low noise preamps to your fingertips

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K-Mix Blue adds Ableton 11 integration and low noise preamps to your fingertips

Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring their unique control hardware.

Keith McMillen Instrument’s unique K-Mix unit has a unique flair to it and is used by Richie Hawtin, Del The Funky Homosapien and Sylvia Massy, who has worked as a producer and engineer with Johnny Cash, Prince and Tool! The device features a unique material for its touch sensitive pads that forgoes motorised faders and has received an upgrade with the BLUE edition.

What you need to know:

  • Keith McMillen Instruments have announced the K-Mix Blue Edition.
  • The device adds Ableton 11 integration, ultra-accurate low noise preamps and a new ABS-Polycarbonate finish.
  • K-Mix Blue is still fully featured including acting as an audio interface, programmable mixer and control surface.

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The K-Mix is a device which seems to do everything you’d like it to. It’s a digital mixer with inbuilt filters, EQ, gate, compression, an on-board reverb which can even mix in surround sound while also functioning as a USB audio interface and a control surface for Logic, Bitwig and now Ableton. K-Mix can also function with other DAWs as it can communicate MIDI both ways, which is very cool.

This new BLUE edition upgrades the µPre preamps for greater accuracy and cleaner sound capture. This along with communicating with Ableton and in a new, ultra-durable shell makes this one tight package.

As someone who works in the box predominantly, this device seems to tick a lot of the boxes that are missing in one unit. It’s a flexible controller that functions as an audio interface and has super clean preamps. This coupled with the flexible 8 ins and 10 outs of 32-bit floating point audio is incredible.

By forgoing motorised faders, Keith McMillen Instruments have been able to create a device that is a flexible beast that can work in a variety of applications with a reasonable price tag of US$599. Neat.

Check out this video below showcasing the features of the original K-Mix.

Head to Keith McMillan Instruments for more information on the K-Mix Blue.