Australian boutique pedal builders GekkoSound launch with three new stompboxes

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Australian boutique pedal builders GekkoSound launch with three new stompboxes

Words by Will Brewster

Designed and manufactured right here in Melbourne.

Here at Mixdown, we froth all things effects pedals, and we’re suckers for supporting those in the local industry.

So, needless to say, we’re absolutely stoked to introduce you to GekkoSound: a newly minted Australian pedal builder that seeks to provide players with the boutique stompboxes that their pedalboards have always deserved.

Designed and hand-wired here in Melbourne by local builder Felipe Muraca, all GekkoSound effects are constructed with the needs of guitarists and bassists in mind, with a pure analogue circuit providing a natural, transparent sound to work magic on your clean tone.

To kick things off, GekkoSound have debuted three new effects pedals: the CE.BASS, C.BASS and G.BOOST, with each pedal enhancing your tone to juice it up in the mix without adding too much colour.

The CE.BASS fuses analogue compression with a clean boost and two-band EQ, letting bassists spice up their tone by smoothing out your dynamics and preserving attack and sustain.

An adjustable output level and high-impedance input make it perfect to sit at the start of your signal chain, while a number of internal switches let players adjust the overall compression ratio of the pedal.

There’s also the GekkoSound C.BASS, a totally smooth and natural Wideband Automatic Compressor to bring out a tight and punchy attack without compromising the natural low-end of your bass signal.

This kind of effect can be easily applied to all styles of playing – whether you’re slapping, tapping, plucking or picking, the C.BASS will work its magic and ensure that each note is output to a consistent level across a full dynamic range.

To round out their first official product launch, GekkoSound have also debuted the G.BOOST, a simple stompbox that injects up to 26dB of ultra clean boost into your signal without meddling with your natural tone and dynamics.

With its high impedance input and versatile gain control, the G.BOOST is a viable option for boosting a wide variety of sources, from electric and acoustic guitars all the way through to dynamic bullet harmonica microphones and ukulele piezo pickups.

With such a tantalising trio of effects to kick off with and a promise of more units to come around the corner, we simply can’t wait to see what these guys bring to the table for Australian players!!

Find out more over at GekkoSound today.