Antelope Audio Atlas i8 monitors are coming!

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Antelope Audio Atlas i8 monitors are coming!

Antelope Atlas Feature

After revealing the design at this year’s NAMM, Antelope Audio have officially announced their i8 will be ready for the market.

Antelope have carved a spot for themselves at the top of the converter market, popping up in studios of every level because of their world-class conversion, and accessible price for I/O comparatively.

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The Antelope Audio Atlas i8 monitors are active three-way monitors with onboard DSP and an isobaric design. The isobaric design means there is two (low frequency) drivers moving with each other, effectively creating a sealed volume with a more even pressure level, allowing the Atlas i8s to reproduce low frequencies usually reserved for speakers with a much larger cabinet design. Happily responding down to 35Hz, the three way design helps to split the speaker load across eight-inch low-frequency drivers and coaxial mid and high-frequency drivers assist each drive in reproducing its frequencies accurately without getting overloaded.

The onboard DSP adjust the response with EQ adjustments, speaker modes and delay settings helping to compensate for listening position and rooms. When connected via USB, the DSP is adjustable via a software control application.

The Atlas are the first monitors from Antelope Audio, and surely an indicator of things to come. They harness Antelope’s conversion technology, the AES connectivity via XLR allowing the user to bypass their own converters entirely if they wish.

The Atlas i8 are expected to be available in the last half of 2023.

For more info and enquiries, visit Antelope Audio