The DJ City content creation program

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The DJ City content creation program

DJ City
Words by Lewis Noke Edwards

With the launch of the program we spoke to DJ City's Head of Marketing, Liam Cooney about the program.

DJ City have launched their Content Creators program, an opportunity for new creators to get exclusive access to products, software and industry news to create engaging user-generated content. The program is open to everyone with a passion for creating!
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With the launch of the program we spoke to DJ City’s Head of Marketing about the program.
What kind of content is DJ City looking to create?
We are looking to create all types of content.  We want to partner with content creators across all platforms and disciplines, videos, podcasts, social media posts, video reviews, tips and tricks, advice the lot!
Are there any prerequisites for application?
The only prerequisite is that potential Content Creators are passionate and really enjoy speaking about the subject matter.
Is this something that’s available to everyone?
YES for sure.  We wanted to create a program that was accessible to all, for those that have experience with affiliate programs as well as those that don’t, established content creators and those just starting out.  Myself and the team are on hand to work with everyone and go through any questions and are more than happy to answer those questions via email, phone or video call.  It is important to stress that we are looking for Australian based content creators as we want to build a community that shows off the AMAZING talent we have here in Australia.
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How will creators receive work from the DJ City Content Creator program?
We use a full management platform called Grin. On this platform Content Creators are able to create a profile that allows us to brief them on the content that we are looking to create.
What’s in it for the creators?
There are quite a few advantages to becoming a creator, Early access to products, access to the many brands and products that we stock.  Actively promoted across DJ City’s stores, EDMs, Socials with an aim to help them grow their social presence.  Unique discounts that they are able to pass onto their followers/subscribers.  But one of the biggest draw cards is that creators get to earn commission on any sales that are attributed to their content.
Can creators select the type of content they create based on their skills or preferred discipline?
For sure, all creators can let us know their prefered discipline, brands, products etc.  We also work closely with the creators and suggest products that they may be interested in creating content.
Is there a minimum amount of work required?
This is really an open ended question. The amount of work varies, we work with creators who are working on one post for one platform, as well as those that are creating a series of content that will go across several platforms. We will always work with creators to ensure that they feel comfortable with the deliverables, all of which are detailed in all briefs and agreements.
How can creators apply and get involved in the program?
Head on over to DJ City, click on “Apply Now” and follow the prompts.