Mixdown’s Gaming Audio Month

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Mixdown’s Gaming Audio Month

With guides and product reviews to enhance and expand your gaming experience.

From its primitive 8-bit beginnings, to the epic, high art value of the current wave of video game soundtracks, there is no denying the obvious connection between Gaming and Music/Audio. 

The gaming and the music industries have arguably been of great importance to one another for some time, and this crossover extends beyond our childhood nostalgia for our favourite video game soundtracks, (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, I’m looking at you.)

With the 2023 Grammys’ introduction of a stand-alone category for video game soundtracks, for which seventy game scores were nominated, the valor and depth of the gaming audio space has become undeniable.

Sound is a vital and integral part of the gaming experience, a powerful storytelling device with the ability to enhance and immerse, entertain and enrich – combining all of the best elements of score composition, sound design, dialogue recording and advanced real-time communication networks to create something that is truly cutting edge. 

Here at Mixdown, we take our game audio very seriously, and it’s with this in mind that we are proud to present our first ever ‘Audio for Gaming Month’, which will run throughout March via Mixdown Online

Featuring all of the latest and best in headphone, microphone, monitor, streaming products, composition/sound design software and more, as well as a host of interviews and technical features from some of the biggest names in video game sound production, it’s sure to make for a fascinating look into the current state of the art form.

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