Digit Music release Cmpsr joystick midi controller

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Digit Music release Cmpsr joystick midi controller

Words by Mixdown Staff

Digit music, a new UK company, have released the Cmpsr midi controller that emulates gaming hardware, allowing users to trigger sounds with familiar finger gestures.

Digit music’s new Cmpsr gaming-reminiscent midi controller has been designed for audio creators with accessibility needs, as well as well as those simply looking to diversify their creative process. The controller boasts a range of built-in key, scale and chord engines, and offers users an intuitive user experience which allows you tp harness expressivity through controll.


The Cmpsr controller’s most novel feature is its gaming-style joystick, which facilitates velocity sensitivity. There are also eight RGB buttons, with a built-in haptic engine providing game-play like vibration feedback. An array of keys, scales, chords and inversions with a five-octave range are built in, which means creators can trigger a vast selection of notes and chords using the joystick.

The multi-use buttons can carry out many different tasks, including switching between performance modes, playing multiple notes at once with the joystick and the control of software functions.

MIDI connectivity is facilitated either by a USB-C connector, or wirelessly via MIDI over Bluetooth. When plugged in using a wired connection, Cmpsr doesn’t require any setup, and a rechargeable battery keeps it going for 12 hours of wireless time.


Bundled with the Cmpsr is Bitwig Studio 8-Track and a selection of royalty-free samples and loops. The controller is sold as one component of a complete music production package, which includes a copy of Bitwit Studio 8-Track, an exclusive collection of Bitwig templates suited to the production of various music genres and over 1GB of royalty-free samples, loops and presets.

Users are also granted access to tutorials from industry experts, as well as resources to up skill as a music producer, whether they’re a beginner or more advanced. Official controller mapping for Bitwig Studio 8-Track is currently being developed, and will be released at a later date.

For more information, head to Digit Music.