Content Creation Month

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Content Creation Month

With guides and product reviews to set you up for online success.

With the endless wave of new podcasts, webcasts, videos, v-logs, livestreams, memes, and more popping up every single day, one thing is for certain – people are creating and consuming more digital content than ever before.

In the world of content, quality is king and as people’s attention spans grow shorter and shorter, so too do their tolerances for bad sound and vision, in what is such a highly saturated and competitive playing field.

Far from the ramshackle days of the early internet, the modern digital landscape is one that has well and truly come into its own and this has meant an across-the-board increase in audience expectations in regards to the sound and production quality of our work – one that is putting more and more pressure on Content Creators to up the ante at the technical end.

It’s with this in mind that we are proud to continue our ‘Content Creation Month’ at Mixdown, with a host of content aimed at helping creators achieve the very best results possible from their humble home setups – everything from basic studio connections and introduction to DAW software, through to gain staging, microphone/headphone selection, broadcast monitoring, post-processing, effective shot composition, common audio protocols, playback calibration, and more to help you on your merry way.

It’s the ultimate guide to all things content from conception and capture, through to production and distribution, and all for the purpose of helping you attain the highest quality audio and most efficient work practices possible for all your creative pursuits.

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