Greatest Hits’ five favourite Aussie psych-rock and rare groove tracks

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Greatest Hits’ five favourite Aussie psych-rock and rare groove tracks

With the release of the band’s latest boogie-laden single ‘Phil, Slow It Down’, we linked up with Ryan to find out about some of his favourite psych, groove and funk acts playing in Australia today. Turn on, tune in and drop out – it’s about to get very funky up in here. 



Surprise Chef – ‘Blyth Street Nocturne’

A few months ago, I came across the Melbourne band, Surprise Chef. Their recently released album All News Is Good News is a wonderful journey of beautifully produced, jazz/funk/groove. I love the Baked session of this song – get into it! 



Bananagun – ‘People Talk Too Much’

We’ve been listening to the new Bananagun record heaps! Really dig the up tempo, afrobeat feel of this track – it was immediately added to our “Boogie Boyz” Spotify playlist, straight after “The Mauskovic Dance Band.”



David Versace – ‘Inner Reflections’

David Versace (of First Beige) has been putting out some wonderful tracks on the side! ‘Inner Reflections’ is stand out, and gives me similar feels to Stereolab’s EPIC Dots and Loops album.



Mildlife – ‘Rare Air’

I first stumbled upon Mildlife through a gig poster at my favourite venue – Brudenell Social Club, in Leeds, UK (where we were all living at the time). Their album, Phase, was a wonderful discovery, and I’ve been following them ever since.



The Babe Rainbow – ‘Us And The Rainbow’

This was our song of the summer just gone – It was our first summer since moving back to Australia from England, and a bunch of friends from different parts the world were visiting, so there are so many good feels connected to that time. It was great. The Babe Rainbow are great. This song will always take me back to those moments.



Listen to Greatest Hits’ new single ‘Phil, Slow It Down’ here.