Integrate Exhibitor Profile: CMI Music and Audio

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Integrate Exhibitor Profile: CMI Music and Audio

CMI Music and Audio
Words by Andy Lloyd Russell

Having the right team is something CMI Music and Audio has always valued, with their pro audio team’s collective industry experience spanning decades - not just within Australia, but across the globe. 

Representing and distributing some of the worlds most prestigious pro audio brands within the Australian market, CMI Music & Audio and their respective pro audio team are set to impress at this years Integrate Expo, promising an innovative audio experience as they take over one of the exciting demonstration rooms at the expo, located in the ICC Building, Sydney. 

Having been in the pro audio distribution game since the 70’s, CMI Music & Audio has continued to grow its impressive pro audio brand portfolio, which now includes the likes of JBL, AKG, Adamson Systems, Soundcraft, Crown, Tascam and Pan Acoustics to name but a few. But all of the brand names in the world means nothing without the right team behind them.

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One of the handful of returning pro audio exhibitors at Integrate Expo, CMI is renowned for putting on a great show, which includes an impressive array of gear to discuss with the team, talks from key personnel directly from the brands, as well as impressive demos showcasing the latest and greatest in this wide span of brands that cater directly to the specific needs of AV integrators, consultants and so on. This year’s CMI demo room promises to showcase a plethora of pioneering audio solutions, as well as launch some brand new products to the Australian market. 

The line of JBL products available to get up close with this year includes the much anticipated launch of the new SRX900 series of loudspeakers. This new family of line array from JBL brings about some massive upgrades from the previous (revered and ever popular) SRX800 line, including new components across the range as well as new sophisticated DSP processing. This is JBL’s most exciting entry yet into the world of line array systems and assures to impress on the demo floor for a variety of potential AV applications. 

The new PRX900 series will also be exhibited this year, which again brings some impressive new technology. Also on demo in the PRX family will be the PRXONE, JBL’s most sophisticated all-in-one portable column speaker system, with a massive 7-channel mixer with-high-level DSP processing and onboard effects. The PRX family is ever expanding and fills a gap in the AV market where hi-end features and innovative control features meet affordability.  

For even more affordable portability, and suited for a variety of applications, both the EONONEMKII and EONONECOMPACT are going to be worth checking out, both boasting impressive integrated mixers with solid feature sets and I/O. 

Integrate 2022

Lastly, for the world of installed immersive sound, the Intonato is JBL’s dedicated monitor tuning and control system, which can comfortably handle a simple stereo system right through to full immersive formats. With a wealth of analogue and numerous digital format connectivity including networked audio, Intonato comfortably covers off numerous installed applications from studios, educational facilities, museums and more. 

The Adamson Systems products on displays in this year’s CMI demo room, put simply, are guaranteed head turners. The Canadian company is renowned for designing and manufacturing some of the most respected line array and point source speakers on the market found on countless production riders around the globe. But the installed and network enabled lines of speakers are every bit as Adamson as one would expect. 

The IS series speakers including the AD-IS5C – AD-IS7C are purpose designed for install, specifically aimed at architecturally designed spaces, where blending into surrounds is paramount. Plenty of boxes ticked there. The CS series including the CS7P – CS10 – CS119 models will give visitors a taste of what Adamson’s networked audio speaker family is capable of, future proofed for all matter of networked audio installation requirements. 

Probably the most anticipated product to be demo’d is the brand new Adamson Fletcher Machine. The AFM represents the brand’s bold exploration into the world of immersive and spatial audio being a hardware based renderer with a powerful accompanying app and bucket loads of DSP processing power. This new box is sure to impress and prove itself worthy for an abundance of immersive audio scenarios in live and install applications. 

Renowned Japanese pro audio brand Tascam have some really exciting products that can be seen in the CMI demo room this year, with the brand going deep into networked audio territory. 

CMI Music and Audio 2

The rather impressive Sonicview digital recording consoles just released this year are a must see, being Dante enabled and boasting pristine, incredibly high-end digital audio conversion, these consoles lend themselves nicely for networked audio applications. Other exciting products include the MM-DANTE converters, taking analogue signals and converting to networked DANTE format, with both Euroblock and XLR connector configurations available. 

The MZ-Mixers Multizone mixers are bound to capture the attention of installers and integrators designing for hotels, restaurants, cafes and the like. Versatile routing and mixing of signals with announcement capability, plus Bluetooth enabled. Say no more. SS Series Networkable recorders are a fantastic solution for live recording and events where high channel count and pro audio digital I/O including MADI and DANTE are in use. A SSD drive caddy and up to 64 channels of recording plus dual PSU for redundancy, the SS series of recorders are purpose built for critical recording situations in the AV sector. 

Lastly, Pan Acoustics will have an array of their digitally controlled beam steering speakers on the demo floor. The German company offers unique and technologically advanced loudspeaker solutions for an  incredibly high level of control and response, particularly for rooms that are challenging acoustic environments with long reverb time and where speech intelligibility is integral. 

With their products supporting audio formats from simple analogue, through to digital formats ranging from DANTE, AES67 as well as supporting transmissions over AoIP network connections with POE+, the potential for Pan Acoustics across the AV sector is near endless and a must see at Integrate 2023. 

CMI at Integrate: Day Events

At Meeting Room 3.10, CMI Music & Audio will receive attendees with a captivating showcase of ground-breaking audio solutions designed to elevate the audiences’ listening experience. The company’s team of experts will be on hand to guide visitors through an immersive journey, offering an insider’s perspective on the latest audio technologies.

Visitors will witness the unveiling of several cutting-edge products from CMI Music & Audio, including:

In addition to the product showcase, CMI Music & Audio will also host engaging presentations and live demonstrations as well as hour-by-hour meeting sessions with pre-bookings available throughout the event.


10:30 am – 11.30 am

ADAMSON FLETCHER MACHINE PRESENTATION (FEATURING Carlos Sallaberry Applications Engineer Adamson Systems Engineering)

2:30 pm – 3.30 pm



10:30 am – 11.30 am


2:30 pm – 3.30 pm



10:30 am – 11.30 am


Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with industry experts, gain valuable insights, and explore the endless possibilities of audio technology in various applications.


  • SRX900
  • PRX900


  • Sonicview
  • MM-DANTE box’s
  • MZ-Mixer Series
  • SS-Series Networkable recorders


  • Array Intelligence Control Software
  • Fletcher Machine



To enjoy the wealth of products being exhibited by CMI Music & Audio this year, as well as one off presentations on immersive and spatial audio and more, be sure to book a session! 

For more info, visit CMI Music and Audio here.