Remember when Devil & Sons created a guitar from an old gaming console?

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Remember when Devil & Sons created a guitar from an old gaming console?

Devil & Sons Segacaster
Words by Mixdown staff

Inspired by the cigar box craze, the Segacaster was driven by builder Daniel Wallis' desire to experiment.

“Cigar box guitars seemed to be the way forward, but I really wanted to make something that was a bit more personal,” the Devil & Sons builder said.

“I had a look around my flat for things that were cigar box-sized to use and came across an old Mega Drive, which was the perfect size and shape. With a bit of trial and error, I worked out how to hollow the body enough to fit a wooden core inside that would take the neck and bridge whilst also leaving room for the pickup wiring.”

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Featuring a 25.5” scale neck with Space Invaders inlay, a lipstick single-coil pickup and a fully functional original volume slider, the Devil & Sons guitar is as playable as it is quirky, and it actually sounds pretty decent too. By no means a gimmick, this is a proper guitar and a serious feat of innovation. However, we shouldn’t really be surprised, after all these are the guys who brought us the Millennium Falcon bass, skateboard guitars and a whole bunch of bashed up axes.

Their website also states: “If you have a favourite games console you want made into a guitar or bass please get in contact, we can source the original machine for parts.”

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