Gear Rundown: NASAYA

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Gear Rundown: NASAYA

Words from Nasaya

Checking out the gear behind the works of NASAYA

Acclaimed producer NASAYA has been making waves recently with collaborations aplenty, while supporting the likes of ford and ODESZA on tour.

Even more recently, NASAYA dropped his highly anticipated EP RÊVES, his sonic signature a melting pot of jazz, experimental dance music, hip-hop, and classic rock.

We caught up with NASAYA who was able to share some of his studio essentials across his EP, check it out!

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Tom Anderson Drop Top Guitar

I got this guitar when I was 16 and it’s the only electric guitar I own, so I’m very attached to it – every song I’ve written since starting my project has been with this guitar.

Repro 1 / Repro 5

This is my favourite synth plugin. It’s a recreation of the Prophet 5 – I know it really well now and I pretty much only use this plugin for all my synth sounds – I’ve tried so many ‘analog’ synth plugins over the years and I think this is the best sounding in my opinion.

From very retro detuned classic sounds to very modern tones. Almost every synth bassline and synth sound on my records are made with repro.


This is my favourite processing plugin. You can use it on everything, for overdriving something, detune it and make it ‘wobbly’, glue-ing a mix, and there’s also a very nice tape echo effect on it that I use to make things sound super wide.

I think it’s a bit of a magic plugin, I use it on my mix bus, single tracks – it colours everything so well and I think it became a big part of my sound.


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Chase Bliss MOOD

It’s some sort of granular delay/looper I recently got. It pretty much makes songs by itself, and I’ve started to use on a lot of tracks recently.

I play guitar through it or just run random loops/sounds in it and it generates a lot of ideas.

OTO Boum

I recently got this pedal – it’s a distortion and compressor/gate pedal that sounds incredible but its a bit intense.

I’ve tried mixing through it and it really emulates well the master glue/compression of a lot of ‘French house’ (Sebastian, Justice etc.) records have, which is something I’ve tried to recreate for so long.

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