Hayzee: “It’s like doing a music gig in the comfort of your own home”

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Hayzee: “It’s like doing a music gig in the comfort of your own home”

Words by Benjamin Lamb

Dissecting the world of a content creator on Twitch from a full-time streamer

In this era of social media, we’re able to connect with our favourite artists unlike ever before. We’re brought into their homes, we meet their family, and get to know them on a personal level. Sites like Twitch have been leaning into this idea, allowing content creators to interact with fans from across the world in real time. 

There’s been recent movement into the world of music, with artists like Hayzee, a full-time Australian streamer who performs originals and covers to many fans from all corners of the world.

We caught up with Hayzee to chat about the world of a content creator on Twitch. 

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You’d be hard pressed to find an artist in this day and age that doesn’t have a social media account, but Hayzee notes that’s not a requirement for the world of a muso, as long as you are connecting with fans on some level, there’s no need to be across every social media site. 

“I started playing music in the comfort of my bedroom and just started streaming on Twitch from there,” Hayzee says. 

“My channel has grown significantly since then but it hasn’t got anything to do with my social media presence. I currently have a Twitter, an Instagram, and a Discord.

“I mainly use my Discord as a way to communicate with my community when I’m not live. For Twitter and Instagram, I generally use my Twitter to talk with other creators and my Instagram for life updates.”

As an outsider to the social media world may think the opportunities for real world interactions are limited, but with regular conventions and events, Twitch streamers and viewers alike bring their interests into the world regularly. 

“Twitch being an online space generally means a lot of networking and chatting is done online but there are many opportunities and instances where us creators can meet up and chat about life and streaming,” Hayzee says.


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The beauty of the service being the ease of connecting with fans across the globe, Hayzee noting that there’s often conventions for Twitch creators overseas. 

“I’ve just come out of a Twitch convention which I flew over from Australia to San Diego for and I met pretty much most of the other creators I admire and respect and met many who feel the same about me!”

It’s not just the idea that it connects someone in Australia to someone from the USA, Twitch gives something to music fans unlike anything else out there. 

All types of music fans look for new and interesting ways to consume the music they love, and meet with like-minded people and bond over their favourite genres, styles, and musical memories. 

“I love the accessibility of it because people who come from watching different content usually will enjoy music, so it becomes a place to bond over the same music tastes.

“That aside, I love how wholesome the music community is. It’s like doing a music gig in the comfort of your own home but your friends are there and you get to chat with each other.”

The streaming doesn’t just cover music, with Hayzee often showcasing other elements of her life, allowing for a true connection with her adoring fans. 

“It’s really nice to be able to have the opportunity to do so and to welcome people into your life. We celebrate a lot of ups and exciting milestones together but we also share in and grieve over the downs as well.”

To stream on a regular basis, there’s also a need for some equipment that can handle everything from the live chat to the intricate sounds on Hayzee’s guitar, but she gives us a rundown of all of her gear. 

“I now have a pretty powerful PC but in terms of music equipment I play my Maton 808C acoustic guitar and my Fender American Performer Telecaster and I plug these into my BOSS RC-300 Loop Pedal and RØDECaster Pro II. I also use my trusty RØDE NT1-A Microphone.” 

But she also notes that having gear shouldn’t limit anyone from streaming, as long as you’ve got a phone, you can start streaming on Twitch. 

“I started my first few streams on my phone before I decided to move to my really slow laptop, then my computer. I have a lot of upgrades now but that’s certainly not necessary to stream. You just need good content and a love for it.” 

Catch Hayzee’s regular Twitch Stream here.