Gear Rundown: Mike Kerr

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Gear Rundown: Mike Kerr


Bass Guitars

Fender Semi-Hollow Starcaster Bass

Recently added and seen quite frequently in his live shows, the Fender Starcaster bass breathes new life with it’s ‘pepped up’ vintage look and all around ease of use. Originally made as a prototype in the 1970’s, Kerr’s black Fender Starcaster has now become his main weapon of choice when playing both live and in the studio.

Having a semi-hollow body with coated wide-range humbuckers, Kerr’s sound brings a big and aggressive bite to his bass tone. This has become a signature for Royal Blood and is synonymous with their ‘punch first asks questions later’ music style.



Gretsch Electromatic G2220 Junior Jet 2 Bass

Chinese made and recently introduced to the Gretsch family, The Gretch Electromatic Junior Double Jet has become part of Kerrs arsenal due to it’s smaller scales and unconventional body size. Kerr states to No Treble “It gives me the freedom to play them like I would a guitar,” which by the tone and gritty sound he’s pulling, is quite evident.

The preferred tobacco sunburst colour Gretsch is seen as quite an affordable bass guitar (Roughly $420 AUD) and is ideal for creating massive sounds. Though Kerr says he still uses the traditional factory pickups, which are quite basic, His approach to using his bass is quite different. 


SVT Ampeg

Mike Kerr’s signature sound can also be referenced to his use of both guitar and bass amplifiers. Telling Music Radar he “exclusively uses SVT bass amps and GVT guitar amps, nothing else.”Though the recently discontinued series GVT, may point to a new line of guitar amps to uphold his monstrous sound.

Being both a tube series, its natural rich reverb spring and American tone style attributes Royal Blood’s ‘Californian Riff-Rock’ sound.


Electro-Harmonix POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator Guitar Effects Pedal

This mouthful of a pedal, is steadily becoming one of the most in-demand pedals on the market today. Brought to fame by figures like: Jack White, John Frusciante and Omar Rodriquez-Lopez, the newest offering from Electro-Harmonix is responsible for Royal Blood’s grit and balls. This has helped create a sharp quirk in some of Kerr’s quick bass licks. More prominently heard on songs like ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’ and ‘Better Strangers’, the Pog 2 is the center tool that is responsible for Royal Blood’s signature sound.

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi

Along with Kerr’s sharp soaring riffs, comes his big open thunder tones, The newly improved Big Muff ‘Pi’ now brings the old classic sound with a re-developed, durable piece of equipment. Used more in his live shows, Kerr’s tone and unforgiving sound comes from this particular pedal. This adds traction to his punch-through sound and resonates the bass with Mike Kerr’s voice (especially in high note territory).    


Palmer Triage Amp selector

As mentioned above, Kerr’s use of guitar and bass amps draws an obvious idea for a particular pedal choice. Kerr’s use of the Triage pedal helps distinguish his sounds in particular areas of Royal Blood’s music. This pedal had been seen on stage with Kerr in 2014 when the band were gaining rapid popularity. Due to carrying their signature sound, it may still be within his set up.