In Focus: Pioneer DJ Headphones

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In Focus: Pioneer DJ Headphones

Pioneer Headphones
Words by Rob Gee

Founded in 1994, Pioneer DJ had a hard road into a market that wasn’t wanting change, and didn’t know what it looked like either.

I can say with confidence that Pioneer DJ has been the most influential company in the DJ industry over the past 29 years. My first interaction with a Pioneer DJ product was the DJM-500 mixer, it began appearing in a number of clubs and at warehouse events, when vinyl was still very much the go-to medium. It wasn’t long before the CDJ started appearing in venues alongside turntables, and eventually in place of them. But that was only the beginning of Pioneer DJ establishing itself as the world leader in both the professional DJ and music production industry. Much more was in store for the years to come.

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Innovation was the key, as the development of cutting-edge products that delivered what professional DJs were asking for became the focus. CD players, mixers and eventually software/hardware integrations have kept Pioneer DJ at the fingertips of the world’s best DJs for the very best part of three decades. 

Pioneer DJ headphones

However, there is a lesser lauded hero in the Pioneer DJ product range, one that has been on the very forefront of a DJ’s mix – the headphones. For many years Pioneer DJ have complimented their range with headphone monitoring options that, like all their innovations, are built from professional user feedback. With that in mind, this offering of monitoring headphones has grown to compliment a range of uses in the DJ/Producer arena. So, there are distinct models that take in the needs of live performance, studio production and rehearsals at home. From the aspiring DJ to the touring professional, there is a monitoring solution in the Pioneer DJ range to suit your needs. So, let’s take a look at some of these.

Pioneer DJ CUE1

When you want a set of headphones that sound great, but are easy on the hip pocket, the Pioneer DJ CUE1 is an excellent option. They have a sleek style that is very much in line with models up the range, yet is subtly refined. These are the perfect headphone for aspiring DJs who need a set of professional headphones for practice at home and starting out with smaller gigs. They offer plenty of low end kick and deliver an impressive SPL to allow you to clearly hear your mix in loud rooms. These are one of the lighter models in the range, so they are great for use as an everyday listening tool also, with little fatigue over extended listening sessions. 

Pioneer CUE1

Pioneer DJ HRM-6

If you’re serious about your production as well as performance, you will want a set of headphones for creating studio mixes that can be taken to the club with confidence. The Pioneer DJ HRM-6 are a professional studio monitor headphone designed for just this purpose. When you’re recording, editing or mixing, these headphones have been designed to ensure you hear the critical differences in your mixing choices. With a frequency range that goes up to 40kH, the HRM-6 deliver well beyond the range of the human ear, so the sounds that can be heard are balanced and precise. 

Backed by a 40mm HD driver, in an over-ear construction, you find yourself fully immersed in the sound, with every nuance being presented clearly. If you’ve allowed any unwanted frequencies to stray into any part of your mix, you’ll be able to hear, and correct, them with the HRM-6. These are an essential tool for the DJ and producer who wants to take control of every part of the music making process. Before it even gets heard in the club, the HRM-6 allows you to ensure your music sounds its very best.

Pioneer DJ HDJ-X7

For the gigging DJ who needs a tough set of cans, the Pioneer DJ HDJ-X7 is an excellent offering. These slick looking headphones not only look great, but sound brilliant too. And at high volumes, they deliver clean and precise reproduction with a newly designed driver that has been created for use in loud environments. A clever initiative in the cable separates the ground wire from the audio cables to ensure amazing definition between left and right channels with no crosstalk or interference. 

These headphones have been designed to swivel to achieve the perfect fit and ultimate comfort in long DJ sessions. You can find the configuration that suits your style with the adjustable headband and moving arms. The padded section of the headband is designed for improved grip, so less pressure is required on either side of your head, improving comfort and stability in one.

Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10

If you’re like me, you’ll want the best of the best when it comes to your work tools. And as is the way, we’ve saved the best for last in the Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10. These precision DJ headphones are the essential monitoring tool for DJs who want to give their best performance every night. You need to hear the mix first, and the HDJ-X10 ensures you hear every finite detail.

These are Pioneer’s flagship headphones that set the standard of monitoring for which DJs demand. With 50mm drivers, they deliver big bass, snappy high frequencies and a mid-range that stands up to be counted in the mix. These have been designed to ensure you can hear every element of your music, even at extremely high volumes, when the room isn’t conducive to critical listening. Further to that, they offer a comfortable fit and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can handle anything the touring DJ is likely to throw at them on the road. 

Pioneer DJ

As you can see, it would be remiss to simply think of Pioneer DJ as a name in CD players, or DJ interfaces. They offer a complete solution for the modern DJ, and understand that quality monitoring is the very key to a good mix. After all, the DJ needs to hear the mix first. If you’d like to hear the difference with Pioneer DJ, you can find these and the rest of the range of professional headphones at your local Pioneer DJ authorised dealer. Go and have a listen for yourself.

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