As Well As The SH-101 Synth and AIRA Sampler

Roland have announced new Boutique versions of two of their classic products – the TR-808 Rhythm Composer drum machine and SH-101 synthesiser. The SH-01A and TR-08 are miniature, modeled versions that are both powered by the company’s Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology to accurately replicate the sound and quirks of the highly influential original machines. Roland have also announced a new compact sampler, the SP-404A, as part of their AIRA series.


The SH-01A adds new four-voice polyphonic and unison modes to the original synth design, as well as a chord mode that layers any four pitches together for playing in semitone steps. You can also store sounds thanks to the model’s 64-patch memories, and has the ability to save and recall 64 patterns from its step sequencer.



The TR-08 has the iconic look and feel of the much-loved 808 but Roland have also added some tasty modern features, including 16 sub-steps per step to its sequencer, which means that users can create more detailed drum sounds.


The new Boutique model also features a track selectable trigger output for connecting to external hardware, an LED display, and the ability to step-program or tap-in parts in real time without having to stop playing to change modes. Not only that but the TR-08 can also send and receive MIDI control messages and supports audio and MIDI over USB.



The SP-404A sampler is an update of Roland’s SP-404SX, and contains all of the features of that highly popular sampler, but adds the ability to be triggered from the TR-08 via MIDI. When used together they equal a fully integrated and beat and sample production unit.


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