JBL EON208P Portable PA System

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JBL EON208P Portable PA System



Gone are the days of a backbreaking bump in just for a small acoustic duo or 
DJ set – JBL have made sure of that. The EON208P is a real surprise, hiding a lot more than it lets on at first glance. Fully assembled for travel, it is about the size of a small suitcase and can be easily carried with one hand and you casually saunter into the venue with little effort at all. Depressing the lock buttons allows the two speakers to come free from the central mixer, so they can be set up for use, with the option of pole mounting included. The mixer itself appears a little oversized at first, but that is not without good reason.


Around the back of the mixer, a panel opens up to reveal several compartments where the speaker cables, power cable and microphone lead are stored. Further to this, an AKG vocal microphone is also included in the package, stowed safely in the rear cavity with all the cables.


Now, just because this is compact, doesn’t mean the EON208P is lacking in any areas. You get four mono channels and two additional stereo channels on the mixer with Reverb available on the mono inputs. Separate outputs for headphones, monitors and subwoofer are all on there too, with the speaker outputs around on the rear where the power amp is located, ready to drive the two 8-inch two-way speakers.


On top of all that, you get Hi-Z inputs, phantom power options on XLR inputs and Bluetooth pairing for running music from other devices. This allows you to test out how the speakers really go, with some loud tracks that has the EON208P delivering on all accounts. With that in mind, this is an ideal system for a vocal duo with acoustic guitars, the need for a subwoofer not really evident in this instance.         


For more details on the range of JBL products, head to jands.com.au.