KRK Rokit 4 Monitor Speakers

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KRK Rokit 4 Monitor Speakers



KRK have been building the famous yellow-coned speakers for some time now and kept getting bigger and bigger with each model that came out, right up to the monstrous Rokit 10-3, which was almost like stacking a Rokit 5 on top of a sub and housing it all in one big box. So, it was with great pleasure this month that I got to collect something completely different, a step back from KRK to the smaller things, the more delicate things, the compact Rokit 4.


At first glance, and with nothing as a reference point, this looks just like a Rokit 5 or Rokit 6. In fact, the connections on the rear panel are all the same. You still get a balanced XLR and TRS connector along with an unbalanced RCA input. Three control pots allow you to adjust volume, low frequency and high frequency, just like other models in the range. From the front, it has the same sharp styling that all third generation Rokit speakers share. It is, for all intents and purposes, just another Rokit speaker, but with one small difference: the size.



The four-inch studio monitor is not a new idea by any stretch, but it is to the Rokit range. This little model is an ideal speaker for home studio setups where space is at a premium and good monitoring is still sought after. Like all the other speakers in the Rokit range, this unit does punch above its weight and delivers more low frequency response than you would expect from such a small unit, but in the end, it is still only a four inch driver and so it is a little lacking in the bottom end. This is true of the Rokit 5 speakers as well, which is why the sub is available. But, for the size, the Rokit 4 speakers still deliver a solid punch with plenty of volume for near-field monitoring.


The Rokit 4’s are going to appeal not only to the home studio that’s shy on real estate. They’ll also make a welcome addition to the arsenal of those who have previously opted for larger monitors in the vein of the 10s, because these will perform differently in different mixes, and allow you to reference your mix through two different units that offer a different sound for a different purpose. At this price point, they’re a no brainer for those out there that need to add a smaller and lighter set of monitors to a set up that’s dominated by big ones at the moment.