KRK Systems RP5G3 Rokit Monitors – White

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KRK Systems RP5G3 Rokit Monitors – White



So, it’s pretty safe to assume that everyone reading this has seen some KRK studio monitors at some point or another. They do make their presence known with their trademark yellow cones. You see them in studios and video clips all over the place, and for good reason too, they’re a great speaker. So, as has happened in the past with the previous G2 model, KRK have now released an all-white model
 in the G3 build. That is, it’s all white except for that yellow cone in the centre that really pops with the gloss and satin white combination around it. They look something like the bazaar lovechild of 
a Storm-trooper and a Minion, and will certainly appeal to many users over the slightly more subtle black models. If you want to colour co-ordinate your studio and are looking to match it up with an old iMac, this is going to do the job nicely.


Of course, the sound is what really matters when it comes to studio monitors, and they still deliver right there. Even with a completely different colour to the casing, they sound exactly the same as the black models, if you can believe that. Now, for those of you still running older G2 KRKs, this could be the right time to upgrade to the newer drivers and get a colour change to freshen the room up too. As a near field studio monitor for a range of genres in the home studio, the Rokit 5 monitors are a great option, especially for those producing electronic music when you want to hear your sound with plenty of thump and punch. 


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