Review: Audio-Technica ATH-PRO7X Headphones

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Review: Audio-Technica ATH-PRO7X Headphones

Audio-Technica Australia | | Expect To Pay: $299

I’ve used Audio-Technica headphones on and off for the last thirty years and have seen some rather tasteful designs – and some that I would rather not remember, to tell you the truth. That said, no matter how they looked, they always sounded great, even if you did look a little like a 1930’s fighter pilot walking down the street with some of the older models.

I’m always keen to try the latest offering from Audio-Technica when it comes to headphones, as I know I am usually in for a good listening experience. This month, it was the turn of the ATH-PRO7X to have a listen through, and I certainly wasn’t going to turn them down.

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These headphones make me eat my words about design and Audio-Technica. They look great. To try and put them into a design category that I may have just made up, they are a little European Chic perhaps, mixed with Modern Art and a touch of Urban Industrialism. In short, they look sleek and offer a very comfortable fit.

The fit is important, as any set of headphones can adjust to suit the size of your head, but they need to remain comfortable after an extended period of listening, which is exactly what the ATH-PRO7X headphones do. Long listening sessions are not a problem as they don’t pinch your head slowly or have any weight imbalance that becomes evident with fatigue over time. Put simply, these headphones look great and are comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Of course, it isn’t all about the looks these days. When we are talking about headphones, it should be the sound that sets one pair apart from another. These are no different as they have been designed for meeting the demands of DJ use in a loud club environment. They certainly deliver plenty of volume, which is a good thing when it is delivered like the ATH-PRO7X does, with no distortion or undesired compression in any way.

When listening at comfortable levels, it is clear and concise, with plenty of low end and a nice, fast transient attack on the high frequencies. Turn the volume up and that is all that happens – it gets louder. The signal doesn’t break apart or focus on a narrow frequency range with volume as so many headphones can often do. No, these headphones deliver a crisp audio signal no matter what level you are operating at.

You’ll love them for listening to music at home, on the train, or walking down the street. At night, they will perform how you need them to when monitoring from a DJ mixer or audio interface, even in the loudest of environments. With a detachable cable, and both a straight and curly cable included, you can get your way around the DJ booth how you like with these cans, hear what you need to and look great in the process. Not bad at all.