Review: Yamaha THR10II Guitar Amplifier

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Review: Yamaha THR10II Guitar Amplifier

Words by Mixdown Staff

Distributed by: Yamaha Music Australia | Expect to pay: $549.99

Key Features: If you’re getting serious about learning guitar, a quality practise amp should be high up on your list of priorities. There’s nothing quite as discouraging as an amplifier that sounds too flat, lifeless or shrill, and it’s all too easy to just give up because you simply can’t achieve the sound in your head while playing.

For that reason, there’s few guitar amplifiers on the market that can rival the bang-for-buck of the Yamaha THR10II; a sublime desktop modelling amp that packs a whole heap of power under the hood. This recent release expands on the blueprint of the brand’s beloved practise amplifier from a few years back by adding a number of essential features to help make practising guitar a breeze, including a range of amp models, effects and Bluetooth connectivity to provide the best all-in-one amplifier for students today.

The sleek design of the Yamaha THR10II might be diminutive on first impressions, but it hides quite a dazzling array of features inside its ‘lunchbox’ exterior. It packs a pair of 3″ full-range speakers that can output a surprising amount of volume, while players can access a whopping 15 guitar amp models based on classic American, British and boutique tube amp circuits to tap into a huge range of vintage and modern tones. There’s even three bass amplifier models and three mic models for plugging in an electro-acoustic guitar as well as a flat mode for everything else, making the THR10II a truly versatile amp for use with all kinds of fretted instruments.

On top of the THR10II, you’ll find a row of knobs to control various parameters like Gain, Master, Bass, Middle and Treble, as well as a host of modulation effects, echo and reverb. The right side of the amp also boasts an inbuilt tuner – very thoughtful – plus five buttons to instantly recall your favourite tones, which you can edit and recall via Yamaha’s THR Remote mobile app.

Meanwhile on the left side of the amp, you’ll find a headphone output and auxiliary input, allowing you to plug in a smart device to play audio tracks from. If cables aren’t really your thing, the THR10II is also fitted with Bluetooth connectivity, letting you hook up your phone or laptop to stream backing tracks or even just listen to music, making this amplifier the perfect addition to any rehearsal room or bedroom environment.

Mixdown Says: Man, I wish we had practise amps like this when I was learning guitar. There’s so much on offer with the Yamaha THR10II: the guitar and bass amp models sound super realistic, and the inbuilt effects are a nice touch to help you colour your sound further. Editing and saving patches is made a breeze thanks to the THR Remote mobile app, and the addition of Bluetooth just helps to affirm this amp as a no-brainer for any budding guitar student.

Overall: I can’t find any fault here – the Yamaha THR10II is about as good as it gets for anyone looking to learn guitar. Two big thumbs up from us!

Find out more about the THR10II via Yamaha Music Australia.