Review: Jackson Pro Plus Series Rhoads RR24 Mirror

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Review: Jackson Pro Plus Series Rhoads RR24 Mirror

Jackson Pro Plus Series Rhoads RR24
Words by Jamie Colic

Jackson Pro Plus Series Rhoads RR24 Mirror | Fender Music Australia | RRP $2999

On December 23 1980, a young Randy Rhoads visited Grover Jackson’s Californian workshop at Charvel while on a break from touring on Ozzy Osbourne’s legendary debut album, The Blizzard Of Oz. The young virtuoso was eager to present Grover with a sketch he had made on a cocktail napkin, initially requesting a guitar that looked like a shark fin but would become the Jackson Rhoads. The asymmetrical design and sharp points illustrated in Randy’s blueprint represented new extremes in instrument designs.

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By midnight, the two had finalised the initial plan and little did they know they had effectively revolutionised the aesthetic of guitar design forever after. Producing a lean, mean metal machine that was ready to go, primed for the excess of the ensuing 80s.

Jackson Rhoads

Decades later, the Rhoads design has remained in production since 1981. Considering that guitar players have a tendency to be staunch traditionalists, it seems somewhat unlikely that a shape as eccentric as the Rhoads would have become such a classic. 

But here we are, the Jackson Rhoads is a shape that has transcended generations with a namesake as legendary as any within the echelon of guitar heroes internationally.

The Jackson Pro Plus Series RR24 Mirror is a modern take on the aforementioned classic, ensuring yet again that this design isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Emblazoning a silhouette that has been burned into the consciousness of any respectable metal or hard rock player with a plethora of contemporary bells and whistles, 2024 has seen Jackson bring forth a number of creative designs in the new Pro Plus series.

The mirror top of the Pro Series Plus RR24 is utterly electrifying from a visual standpoint, offering a bold aesthetic that doesn’t cross over into the territory of gaudiness. On the contrary, the instrument’s mirror top offers an element of contemporary class that makes a fine accent for anyone seeking out a new stage guitar.

But it’s not only looks when it comes to the Jackson Pro Series Plus RR24. Under its striking mirror top, the Jackson Pro Series Plus RR24 features a lovely Okoume-bound body, presenting itself as neither too light nor too heavy. An African-grown species of timber, Okoume offers many of the tonal characteristics one would associate with traditional Mahogany and such is the case with this specific review model. Bravo!

The Pro Series Plus RR24 is a through-neck instrument, harbouring a phenomenal 3-piece maple and walnut neck with graphite reinforcement. As per usual with most Jackson guitars, I was greeted with the familiar feeling Speed Neck profile. This time it has been oil-finished from the factory as to provide a fast and smooth playing surface not vulnerable to the stickiness that can occasionally ail gloss-finished necks.

Jackson Pro Plus

Upon observing the front of the guitar’s neck I was immediately greeted with a lovely ebony fingerboard. Additionally, Jackson’s 12”-16” compound radius is present yet again, which is at this point a classic, welcome and common feature for this manufacturer.

To anyone unfamiliar with the purpose of this type of fretboard radiusing it actually provides a rounder profile at the nut for chording whilst flattening out higher up the fretboard as to not inhibit even the most demanding of lead playing. As your hand curls and stretches out, so does the neck profile.

In 2024 it seems that every manufacturer is being bombarded with cries for the inclusion of stainless steel frets on production models. In this case, Jackson has paid heed to the call with the Pro Series Plus RR24 Mirror harnessing 24 well-finished, stainless steel frets ripe for the riffing. 

Lastly, for neck spec, a set of pearloid sharkfin inlays and Luminlay side dots adorn the instrument’s fretboard, providing the classic Jackson aesthetic that we all know and love, albeit with a modern twist.

In regards to hardware, the Pro Series Plus RR24 features the tried and true Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo unit, a common choice in this price range due to the unit’s immediate reliability. Six Jackson-branded sealed tuners line the RR24’s inverted headstock providing adequate tuning stability with no instances of slippage throughout testing.

Electronics are provided by industry stalwarts Seymour Duncan, who this time have bestowed upon this fine instrument a set of US-wound Distortion Humbuckers. Ceramic cousins of Duncan’s classic JB, the F-spaced TB-6 Trembucker in the bridge position and the SH-6 in the neck will provide even the most stringent of headbangers with tight, aggressive and inspired metal tones. 

Rounding out the electronics layout for the Pro Series Plus RR24 is the standardised master volume and master tone configuration all complimented by a 3-way toggle as is common with most dual humbucker guitars. This setup provides an ample amount of versatility, meaning that no matter what creative scenario you find yourself in this instrument will have you covered tonally. A three-way switch allows you to switch either pickup, or both in the middle position.

Jackson RR24 Pro Plus

To round out this stellar package Jackson have opted to include a padded Jackson Gig Bag, ensuring that whether you are on the road to your next gig or a lesson across town, your new investment is adequately protected so you can enjoy it for years to come.

The Jackson Pro Series Plus RR24 Mirror makes a bold statement in the loud and brash market of modern metal guitars. With so much competition in this price range, it is no small feat to stand out amongst the pack. However, Jackson has yet again succeeded in providing both quality and looks at a price point that is obtainable to the working player.

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