Review: Audio-Technica LP140X SV Direct Drive Turntable

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Review: Audio-Technica LP140X SV Direct Drive Turntable

Words by Mixdown Staff

Distributed by: Audio-Technica Australia | Expect to pay: $799

Key Features: In the world of classic turntablism and vinyl DJ, it is often said that above all else, durability reigns supreme.

After all, the very essence of DJing itself  is in the unnatural movement and manipulation of components that were originally intended for simple playback (and the incredible sonic effects this can yield) thus, it is only natural that DJs have naturally developed a taste for the indestructible.

This extends to everything from common cartridge and headphone choices, right through to technical considerations like platter construction, quality of drive unit, and even things like tone arm durability and ready access to parts. In the world of vinyl DJ, the weight that is put on reliability and reputation is one of the primary reasons that the classics in the space are still so ubiquitous, some 30 years after the fact.

There are however, still a host of fresh faces knocking at the door for classic status and with this in mind, perhaps there is no DJ turntable better suited for ‘next in line’ status than the stellar LP140X SV Professional DJ turntable from Japanese audio giants, Audio-Technica.

Boasting the kind of stage-ready durability and quality of components, that will leave you double checking the price-tag, the direct drive LP140X SV marks a coming of age for the brand in the DJ space, combining a lot of the same technical nous and sonic quality as the brands higher spec offerings like the LP1240USB and combining it with a heavier, more durable chassis all presented in a familiar aesthetic that serves as the perfect first set of decks for the budding Vinyl mixologist. 

With its anti-resonance, die-cast aluminum platter and hydraulically damped lift control, the LP140x SV combines the very best in hi-tech manufacturing with all the durability and tonal quality you would want from a first turntable.

The included AT-XP3 DJ cartridge (with its 0.6 mil conical bonded stylus) is again another win, punching well above its weight durability wise and with a tonality that is sure to bring to mind a recently discontinued classic DJ cartridge that we all know and love. Plus, if you should choose to upgrade to an AT-XP7, the resemblance becomes almost uncanny!

Mixdown Says: While we in the West might know the brand for their incredible studio headphones and condenser mics, in Japan it’s a different story all together, with Audio-Technica being renowned as purveyors of the finest audiophile turntable and stylus designs of the last 50 years. 

Safe to say, the brand definitely know their way around a good turntable and its this virtuosity that is on full display in something like the LP140XP, with it’s awesome arm weighting, consistently even platter and high quality motor apparatus, in turn lending an instantly satisfying tonal quality to your first forays into mixing. The fact that all of this comes in a package that retails for well below AU$1000 is borderline offensive. 

The quality of the accompanying cartridge only further cements how solid the LP140XP from start to finish, and it’s this combination of pricepoint and instant gratification is sure to see it become a stalwart in a million bedroom setups for years to come.

Overall:  An affordable, great sounding, highly durable turny that ships with a cartridge that is one of the new best kept secrets in analogue DJ?  Yes. Please.

Find out more about this killer unit over at Audio-Technica Australia.