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As far as the build goes, these are the simplest of the three models with very little adjust available in the support arm, but they don’t really need it. They fit snuggly over the ears and hold tight, yet comfortably in place. At first, I thought the fit of these headphones would not lend themselves to long listening periods, but they seem to mould to your head and almost become unnoticeable after a short while. With a big low frequency response, these headphones deliver a full powerful full range sound that is designed to help you hear every aspect
of your mix. With the ear pads completely enveloping your ears and cutting out any background noise, you are left with just the music, even in louder environments.


Moving on to the HD7 DJ headphone you notice a lighter weight construction from the HD6 MIX model. There is also a lesser bass response in these headphones. A crisper higher frequency range brings the snare and hi-hat sounds right to the forefront to aid in mixing in a loud DJ booth. It seems that vocals jump out just a little more with these headphones too, as a slightly pronounce midrange has them accentuated. The ear pads can be adjusted with three separate points each to find the best fit for your needs when monitoring with one or two ears at a time.


The HD8 DJ headphones feel even lighter and again more comfortable when I put them on. They too have the same amount of adjustment as the HD7 DJs do, but with an improved mechanism. This makes it very easy to switch from one to two ear monitoring without adjusting the position of the headphones on your head, you simply swivel one ear pad back and forth as needed. As far as the sound, they seem to have a little something extra going on in them that the other two models just don’t. The stereo spread seems to widen and a more lively delivery of the music is presented.


All three models come with a really well appointed carry case that has space for the included spare ear pads and cable. They all come with a straight and curly cable to suit your needs and fold up for storage and portability. The cable can be connected to either side of the headphones, depending on which orientation you prefer and stereo balance is still maintained. With a great build across all the models and great sound to, these headphones from Sennheiser all have something great to offer. Highly recommended.