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When all is said and done, head­phones are really about sound. Form and func­tion are also impor­tant fac­tors to be con­sid­ered, but ulti­mately sound should always be the decid­ing fac­tor. So, I imme­di­ately went to my per­sonal selec­tion of tracks that sep­a­rates the strong form the weak when it comes to test­ing a set of head­phones. Pleas­antly, I got what I was hop­ing for with the NS900s. As a set of DJ head­phones, I wasn’t look­ing for a per­fectly flat fre­quency response, but rather one that allowed me to hear the essen­tial ele­ments in the track and to be able to do so with plenty of head­room too. Don’t mis­in­ter­pret what I am say­ing here though. These are not in any way lack­ing due to their fre­quency response, they are sim­ply not designed for crit­i­cal stu­dio lis­ten­ing. In a loud DJ booth when you need to hear your cue tracks, these head­phones will per­form very well, remind­ing me of cer­tain Ger­man mod­els that have been pop­u­lar the world over.


Well, let’s try and for­get the looks. Yes, they are sleek and styl­ish, but that is about as far as it should go. These are a tool, so func­tion­al­ity should trump aes­thet­ics here, and though they look good, it shouldn’t be the draw­card of the prod­uct. They are built really well, and that is impor­tant. The head­band takes a lot of stress and will eas­ily take any pun­ish­ment you throw at it. The com­pact ear pads don’t pinch the ears or allow them to heat up with extended use either. They are eas­ily adjustable for length, but sadly don’t allow the user to invert them for sin­gle ear mon­i­tor­ing. That said, they can be remounted to the frame to offer this mon­i­tor­ing method, but it require dis­as­sem­bly and can­not be done on the fly.

Bun­dled with a carry bag and a range of cables, the NS900 will not only work for you in a DJ booth, but they can con­nect to your iPhone or iPad as well with a comms con­necter, allow­ing a built-in micro­phone in the spe­cific cable to work with your phone. Of course, as they are Swedish designed, form and func­tion is appeal­ing with these head­phones, but at the end of the day, the sound will prevail.