Sennheiser HD6 Mix Headphones

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Sennheiser HD6 Mix Headphones



The HD range of headphones from Sennheiser has been around for a long time, but recently
saw an upgrade with the HD6, HD7 and HD8 models – the latter two being DJ specific headphones. They differ in a number of ways, most notably offering 3dB greater SPL to the HD6 Mix headphones, which are more concerned with clarity than volume. Offering a frequency range that far exceeds the human ear’s hearing range, you will hear just about everything in these units, and they do sound astonishingly good. Great mixes show their faults with the HD6 headphones and bad mixes suddenly come to life, whilst still allowing you to pick out the problem areas. I’d use these as an everyday listening headphone if I had the need; they sound so good. Further to that, they feel so comfortable over your head that you shouldn’t have any problem going for extended periods of use. There is no fatigue to the areas around the ears with the soft velour pads cupping the ears but not adding unnecessary pressure to the area.



With removable cables in both straight and coiled options, and additional leatherette ear pads for your choice of comfort, these are an excellent package for anyone who is serious about their sound. I am never one to recommend trying to mix in the studio through headphones, as I firmly believe you need the air in the room to account for the real depth of the mix, but you can get pretty close with these headphones when putting together a preliminary mix in relative silence. This means many home studio users can work late in the night without causing disturbances to others and still get great results.